Blog - Retinal Detachment

A 45 year old female from Philippines came with compliants of defective vision in her right eye since one day, she has no history of trauma or any previous medical or surgical interventions in her right eye in the past.

On examination patients best corrected visual acuity in her BE was 6/9 . Her right eye fundus showed a superior rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with macula on, and left eye showed a inferior lattice degeneration.

Pre operative right eye fundus photograph showing superior retinal detachment with macula on. Pt was taken up for RE Microincision vitrectomy surgery with endolaser and C3F8 gas tamponade on the same day of presentation.
Right eye fundus photograph 15 days post surgery showing attached retina with C3F8 gas tamponade. Patient retained a vision of 6/9 in right eye post surgery.

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