Blog - Bilateral Rhegamatogenous Retinal Detachment With Giant Retinal Tear

A 62 year old male patient with hypertension presented with diminished vision in both eyes (Right eye >Left eye). His best corrected visual acuity was Hand movements in right eye , 6/24 in left eye On examination Both eyes showed early cataract. Fundus showed both eyes Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with macula off with temporal giant retinal tear extending from 7’o clock to 11’oclock in right eye, 1’o clock to 5’o clock in left eye. Patient underwent both eyes pars plana vitrectomy with silicon oil injection in both eyes 2days apart first right eye followed by left eye. 3months later he underwent cataract surgery with silicon oil removal in both eyes. His final best corrected visual acuity was 6/18 in right eye and 6/9 in left eye.

Pre operative optomap showing Both Eyes Rhegmatogenous retinal Detachment with macula off with giant retinal tear
Both eyes Post PPV+Silicon oil injection showing attached retina with silicon oil in situ
Both eyes post silicon oil removal showing well attached retina

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